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   Do you want to learn French for travel, business, to succeed in a job interview or just out of interest? Hello, my name is Delphine. I'm a native French speaker. I can help you understand, speak and pronounce the French language correctly. I’d like to invite you to learn French with me via Skype! Give me a try and see if online studying works for you! The first lesson is free! Regular lessons are €15 / h. Cours de français en ligne - Professeur de français en ligne - Online French courses - Learn French online - Learn French with a tutor.

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About me



I am French, native of the north of France. I have been an account manager in an accounting firm for more than 20 years.  Always in collaboration with French and foreign colleagues. I love to travel. The experiences I have acquired during many trips taught me a lot about the difficulties of visiting a foreign country without speaking a word of the local language. I have three children whom I accompanied during all levels of schooling successfully. I have a very good level of spelling and grammar. I am a very patient and good teacher. I offer my help to improve your French according to your project, business, travel or for your personal development.

My mission

My mission is to develop the potential of each student in order to provide you with the keys necessary to succeed your personal or professional journey. I pay attention to your work, your needs, your shortcomings and your progress and finally, give you the taste to learn and become autonomous in the learning of the French language.

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Take the challenge!

Live your dreams

Together we will achieve your goals. My work methods are simple and that's why they are successful :
  • I take into account the student's learning rhythm.
  • I adapt my instructions to the variety of abilities and backgrounds presented by the students.
  • I participate in the design of your personalized project.
  • I value your skills and pass on my knowledge.
  • I adapt to the profile of each student to allow you to develop your potential.
We learn throughout life .......
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"There are only two kinds of really fascinating people : those who know absolutely everything and those who know absolutely nothing"

Oscar Wilde


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Contact me

I hope to be able to help you and contribute to your project. Feel free to contact me for more information!

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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